Farm High quality in own production

AGRODINAMICA, Lda beyond the business of import, export and trade of foodstuff, also is dedicated to farm, particularly of kiwifruit.


The farm in Portugal has been introduced in the early 70's, due to its soil and climatic conditions in some regions of the country like Douro, Minho and Beira Litoral that helped the promotion of productivity and quality of kiwifruit.


The kiwifruit is full of vitamins, particularly A, E and C, which decrease the risk of cancer and circulatory diseases, including coronary, as well as improve the performance of the immune system. It is a fruit that in addition to a set of vitamins also has minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and especially potassium which help to balance blood pressure and increase the body's defenses in preventing the flu.


In terms of vitamin C, the kiwi has a concentration three times higher of an orange.


The kiwi besides being a great fruit to eat it is also often used and processed for drinks, jams and other sweets.